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What Other Families Do For Fun

Yesterday we were invited for a dinner appointment and then asked to attend a church service at a local fellowship here in town.  The special Saturday night service featured the Wissmann Family from Nebraska.  Having never seen nor heard them, our family was delighted to sit and listen to close to two hours of gospel music — bluegrass style — played by many of the members of this homeschooled family of 13 children.  (Wow! right?)

Each family member with them was involved at some point in the evening, all the way down to the youngest daughter who belted out “God Bless America.”  It was neat to see another family using their talents to glorify God, have fun and bless others at the same time.  The world needs more good examples, right?

We got to chat with several of them afterwards and found out more about their annual winter tour which leads them down to Alabama for a week of prison ministry.  You can read more about the family on their website by clicking on this link.  I’ve also included a video of one of their songs shot live at the church.  (Yes, the audio’s pretty sloppy.  Buy a CD from their website if you want better quality.)  Wissmann Family

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