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Hello again! Today was another observing day for me, and it started at breakfast. My normal breakfast is usually something different every morning, like pancakes, waffles, toast, or oatmeal. But I’ve been eating cereal every morning that I’ve been here. And it hasn’t been frosted flakes or anything like that. No, it’s been Muesli triple chocolate and Kellogg’s Extra, with bananas, cranberries, raisins, and pomegranates in it. Totally tres bien. I spent the morning in my room again doing schoolwork, and for lunch went with the guys to the same Turkish restaurant Dad and I went to on day two:  Le Marma-Ris, in Ris Orangis.

After we finished the delicious meal, I joined them going back to the Agape building, watching them as they worked. For the past few days. Dad has been teaching some of the guys how to configure and use some helpful software. As always, I sat and observed what went on. They were covering some really high-tech stuff, but Dad was able to work them through the tough stuff. Here are some things I noticed while listening to the conversations about the configuration processes and such:

  • It was a very friendly atmosphere. It could have gotten electrically charged very quickly, but it didn’t, because Dad was patient, and the others were willing to learn.
  • Some of the guys being trained were non-technical men, but they trusted that Dad knew what he was talking about, so they picked up quickly.
  • When there were discussions about the best way to do a certain process or whatever it was, they weren’t heated at all. The guys respected each other, and the others’ ideas as well.

After the work for today was completed, we all had supper. We got a lot of stuff done today, and everyone was happy at our productiveness. Supper was at Ab’s house, and we stayed a long time afterward, just talking and sharing stories. I think all of us are excited about tomorrow, because the bulk of the work is completed, and we’ll be able to rest. I know I am. 🙂

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  1. Naomi says:

    Wonder just where you will end up in your profession.
    I am sure you gleaned a lot of helpful information on this trip.
    So glad you are home safe.

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