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Having Fun with Kids

Fixing a BikeWhen I think about my children, I generally smile.  (Let’s be honest, kids can evoke a wide range of emotions from us.)  It is foreign to me to think of a father never smiling at the thought of his child.  But it does exist in our broken world.  That’s why I want to encourage you to have fun with your children if you are a father.  Plan to have fun with them today.  Go out of your way to think of something you can do, WILL do today which will bring a smile of happiness to their faces.

Really, what children seem to want most from Dad is the undivided attention of Dad.  Hey, I know that’s hard if you have more than one.  But life is about making choices, and who said you can’t schedule appointments with each child so that they all have a turn with your time?

Tickle your child if he likes that.

Chase her around the room screaming like a madman if that’s what she likes best.

Read him a book.

Look at her dolls and sit down long enough to play “people” with her.

Jumping the WavesWatch your child at play.  Just watch.  Sometimes that’s enough to let him know that he matters.  And it will bring a smile, most likely to you both. Whatever you do, don’t retreat into selfishness, whether that is in the form of a bottle, a newspaper, a TV, a computer, a sport or even something holy looking like a church commitment.  God will indeed judge us fathers for the way we spend our time and how the use of that time affects the lives of the ones He entrusted to our care.


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