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A Tour of Paris

There are many beautiful things I’ve seen in my life, like the outer Hebrides in Scotland, or the Cherohala skyway in North Carolina. However, today I saw something that surpassed even those two experiences. But let’s catch up to this morning first before you find out what was so awe-inspiring that I saw. As you recall, Dad and I took yesterday and visited Paris, mainly Notre Dame. Today we returned to the city of lights, this time touring a different section of the city. We left the apartment around 9:30, and arrived in Paris around an hour later. We walked down the streets for a good while, browsing in the shops, and watching the city pass by. Our destination? The Arc de Triomphe, built by Napoleon commemorating his great victory.

The Arc de TriompheIt was a long walk, but when we finally reached it, the imposing piece of architecture wowed us big time. It was a massive arch, sitting right in the middle of the road, a boast to all of the power of the man who built it.We spent some time looking at it, admiring its many intricate workings, and then moved on. We continued walking, pausing now and then to inspect the occasional statue, building design or monument. This time, we were heading toward the most famous thing in France; the Eiffel Tower.
The Eiffel Tower
It was visible from a long way off, but from that long of a distance, it looked short and squat. It was another good forty minutes after it came in sight before we reached it, and then the sight of it took our breath away. It soared up to the sky, just reaching the stars with its top. We stood in line for almost an hour before we could collect our tickets and go up, but it was definitely worth it. We took the elevator up to the second level, because Dad didn’t want to walk up the stairs, and his back was hurting. I probably should thank him for sparing me the agony, but I still wanted to walk. Me in the TowerThe view was very nice from the second story, and it was cool to see the steel girders everywhere, supporting the structure’s mammoth weight. When we had looked around for a while, we took the second lift to the very top of the tower.
Paris from the top
The view was astounding. All of Paris was stretched out below us, like a miniature model of the city. The wind was chilly, and the clouds seemed within reach. But the best was yet to come. As we had been touring, the sun had been slowly sinking toward the horizon, and as we watched, it disappeared below the surface of the earth. There are no words to describe that sunset that I watched from the Eiffel Tower today. Even pictures can’t do it justice. The deep red color stretched through the clouds almost to the tower itself, weaving patterns in the atmosphere.When the sun dropped out of sight, the royal red color stayed, bathing the Seine river in blood with its hue. It was the most beautiful sight of my young life, and a memory I will hold for as long as I live.
When we came back to our hotel, we were dead tired and my legs were hurting. The sunsetBut that view, that one view from the top of the Tower was a definite highlight of not only the day, but our trip as well. And it’s one I hope you can go experience someday too.


The Tower at night

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  1. Mom says:

    Your wonderful descriptions and beautiful photos allowed me to “see” the city I have always wanted to see. Thank you.

  2. Naomi says:

    Thanks for your graphic descriptions! It’s hard to imagine my son and grandson going so far away. Glad you got to go.

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