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Why Pick 52 Godly Men?

Contemplating LifeWhen I first began this project, my goal was to try and find as many different businessmen, entrepreneurs and leaders as possible.  I began compiling a written and mental list of names of key business people I know from my own company’s dealings in the past 15 years.  I’ve been able, just in the course of doing business, to meet and rub shoulders with a wide variety of businessmen.

Somehow I never had a complete satisfaction with this plan.  After dealing with a bout of sickness, my sleep schedule was knocked for a loop.  I awoke one morning about 2 a.m. bright-eyed as a squirrel.  So, I began praying about this project.  As I spent time in the quiet, I had a clear direction from the Lord.  I needed to find 52 godly men.

Once I heard that simple word, it all made sense to me.  Exposing a young life to just any businessman opens him up to plenty of negative influences if they exist.  Let’s be frank:  we live in a broken world.  My son will have a lifetime to observe the habits and lifestyles of people who don’t have a moral compass based on the person of Jesus Christ.  He will see broken lives and broken dreams all throughout his years.

What I want him to see and hear at this time in his life is what happens when a person is willing to submit relationships, business and life in general to the lordship of Jesus.  I want him to hear about moral failures and bad decisions from men who have since come to terms with them and received forgiveness.  I want him to see that there is hope after failure as well as strength to resist temptation.  My list of godly men is packed with men of integrity and wisdom.

And that is what a young man needs to see.

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