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Three Simple Words

My youngest was playing in the living room a few minutes ago.  I called his name, got his attention and simply said, “I love you.”  He looked at me, smiled and continued his playing.

Have I changed his day for the better?  Some would say no, others yes.  I prefer to step back and ask, “Have I set a pattern to change his LIFE for the better?”  That is the key in remembering to tell your children verbally that you love them.

Children are like little sponges.  They soak up whatever is filling their surroundings.  We’ve each probably heard (or possibly experienced) the stories of children who were raised in abusive homes.  The parents physically fight, and their anger carries over into their dealings with the children.  Tender hearts, made by God to be treasured and nourished, end up being broken by selfishness and violence.  Too often the cycle repeats itself.

What about you?  Do you know that the phrase, “That’s just the way I was raised” won’t hold any water when you give an answer to God for how YOU treat your children?  God gives us the truth, the plain, unmitigated truth in the Bible.  It’s our choice to read it, believe it and act upon it or not.  If we do, we can break patterns which may have been in our families for generations.  Jesus Christ gives anyone the power to overcome any life-controlling sin.  His power is real and available.

The Bible tells us in Ephesians 6:4 that we are to raise our children NOT in an environment of provocation and wrath.  Instead, we are to bring them up in an environment of nurture (and admonition).  If you truly nurture your children, you will speak out words of kindness and love to them.  Proverbs 18:21 tells us that death and LIFE are in the power of the tongue.  By speaking words of love and even simply saying, “I love you” to your children, you really are imparting a measure of life to them.

Any Time is a Great Time to Say "I Love You"

So that means you can parent differently than the way you might have endured as a child.  Here’s a truth to start with right now:  “When I tell my child that I love him, I lay foundation stones for his success in life.  I give him tangible evidence that he has value as a person.  I also combat the lies that society would use to influence him that he is worthless based on appearance or talents or any other quantifiable aspects of his life”

I’d also recommend that you consider reading The Five Love Languages of Children or The Five Love Languages of Teenagers for further self-development and good research on how to best communicate your love to your child.  Remember, you CAN do something that will make a positive difference in your child’s LIFE, even if it doesn’t seem to change his day.

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