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Ernest Christiansen

Ernest Christiansen, 41 and single, is an electrician by trade who encourages young people not to live in fear because it’s a dead end which will rob you of many opportunities.  He is involved at Living Word Church in the children’s ministry.  His hobbies include travel, hiking and frisbee among many others.

Education:  Bachelor of Arts, Lee University

Professional Experience:

  • Worked for several professional copy services for law offices
  • Many odd and short lived jobs (catering, air filtration, picture framing, car washing, home networking)
  • WingNet Internet Services
  • Bradley Cleveland Developmental Services (mentally handicapped adults)
  • Maytag Appliance – factory line
  • Union electrician

I have never done a job which fulfilled me in other than the finacial sense.  I have enjoyed aspects of all, and disliked aspects of all.  I have observed that working with people I relate to is beneficial to my psyche, as well as feeling productive.  Some work I have done has not felt productive and it has an unhealthy feel to it.

Family member details:  I’m the firstborn of five, and my youngest sister is 23 years younger.

Community Involvement:  Living Word Church, Havenplace Youth Center

Two to three unique facts about yourself:  I have lived to the ripe age of 41 without marrying.

Favorite verse or book of the Bible and reason:  My recent favorite book has been Job.  I have many favorite passages including Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 and  1 Corinthians 13:12.

Define (in your own words) what it means to be a godly man in your generation:  Godliness is not about following rules.  The only purpose of a rule is the case that a problem has occured – rules become safety boundaries.  Where there are no problems, rules are not necessary.  A Pharisee can follow rules.  What matters is relationship.  Does a man love God, trust him as Saviour, and listen to and obey Him as King?  When you dance with God, do you let him lead?  Do you believe that He created you to have fun and do good?  Do you love others:  your brothers and sisters — God’s family?  Do you look only to your own interests or also to theirs as well?  The two great commandments are the sum of the law – Love God and love your neighbor.  This can only be done well through God’s empowering Holy Spirit.  Do you accept His Spirit; do you let your heart blow with His?  Be honest.  Sometimes the approved answer in the Church and outside the Church is not the honest answer if you are in touch with your heart. God likes the honest answer, even if it is in conflict with everything around you, but speak the truth in love, and ally yourself with other honest people.

Other than the presumed answer, “Follow Jesus,” what are one to three key lessons in life that you would encourage young people everywhere to consider?

  1. God created us to dance with Him both individually and corperately, for His enjoyment and ours. In this He created us uniquely so we do not all dance the same way, but part of how we can tell we are dancing is if we are enjoying our life with God.
  2. Don’t just learn to dance yourself, help others who are having difficulty to dance as well.
  3. God’s Kingdom is a family.  It is your family.  Love your family.  Build it up and extend it.

What are one or two dead end roads that you have found in your journey?

  1. Many people have systems of doing things that work for them, learn from them, but do not think that the exact same system is what will necessarily work for you.
  2. Do not live in fear, it is a dead end road which will rob many opportunities.

Contact information:   fletch {at@}

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    Hey David,
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